bi-fold doors

Impeccable bi-fold doors on the Gold Coast

At G & A Glass, our bi-fold doors are the perfect choice many different spaces. They will improve upon the functionality of your home and living space, while enhancing your lifestyle. 

Bi-fold doors can be used in pantries, closets, or as folding doors between rooms, and are often used as alternatives to regular sliding door systems. They are the ideal alternative to sliding doors that provide access to the outdoors. Whether used on decks or the ground floor, bi-fold doors will not disturb your view when closed. When open, bi-fold doors will completely change the use of your living spaces by expanding the useable area and creating the illusion and feel of a more spacious and stylish home.  

Bi-fold doors are available in pairs, with both doors folding to one side, or with four doors split in the middle of the opening, and two of the doors folding back to each side. 

G & A Glass has a team of experienced professionals who can quickly manufacture and install superior quality, custom made bi-fold doors for your home or business. 

For quality made bi-fold doors on the Gold Coast, call G & A Glass on 07 5520 6908  for your free quote today!

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